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He­le­nium ‘Sah in’s Ea rly Flow­erer’

This bee was en­joy­ing one of the many fan­tas­tic plants at Chelsea Physic Gar­den in Lon­don. I used my tri­pod to cre­ate the base com­po­si­tion fo­cused on the seed cone, then waited. In that way, when the ‘right’ bee came along I wouldn’t be try­ing to frame the flower as well as catch the fast-mov­ing bee in the right po­si­tion.

Ph lox pan­ic­u­lata

This plant was grow­ing in among some feath­ery fen­nel in our gar­den. I had used my 180mm macro lens to pho­to­graph it the day be­fore, but that im­age lacked en­ergy. Then it rained! The water drops on the fen­nel fo­liage both in front of and be­hind the phlox cre­ated a much more in­ter­est­ing im­age.

Ver­bena ha stata

This airy-look­ing plant was climb­ing up among some he­le­ni­ums and rud­beck­ias in a late sum­mer bor­der. I used a shal­low depth of field to cre­ate a wash of colour be­hind the ver­bena to make it stand out. I think the orange splashes of the he­le­ni­ums and rud­beck­ias in the back­ground contrast beau­ti­fully with the pur­ple ver­bena and add a touch of drama.

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