Look, no arte­facts!

Avoid adding clipped pix­els and hor­rid ha­los to sharp­ened shots

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1 Re­duce noise

Open sharp­en_s­tart.jpg. (You can sharpen a RAW file or a JPEG in Cap­ture NX-D.) Zoom in to view the shot at 100%. Click on the Noise Re­duc­tion icon. Set Method to Bet­ter Qual­ity. Drag In­ten­sity to 18 to re­duce the pres­ence of colour and lu­mi­nance noise. Push Sharpen to 2.

2 Un­der­stand arte­facts

Click on the Un­sharp mask icon. To un­der­stand what sort of arte­facts sharp­en­ing can add, push In­ten­sity to 100 and Ra­dius to 50. No­tice the stark black and white out­lines cling­ing to con­trast­ing edges? These are ha­los. We’ve also ex­ag­ger­ated noise and JPEG com­pres­sion arte­facts.

3 Sub­tle sharp­en­ing

Set the In­ten­sity slider to a more sub­tle 43. Set the spread of the contrast change (Ra­dius) to 16. Dial down the ef­fect of the Ra­dius and In­ten­sity slid­ers a lit­tle by drag­ging Thresh­old to 15. This fine-tun­ing helps you keep arte­facts such as noise and ha­los to a min­i­mum.

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