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Get bet­ter HDR more eas­ily

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Keep it RAW

RAW im­ages al­ready con­tain more dy­namic range than JPEGs, so en­sure that your cho­sen HDR soft­ware can han­dle RAW files and is reg­u­larly up­dated to cater for new Nikons.


Shoot­ing mul­ti­ple ex­po­sures – es­pe­cially in ci­ties – can re­sult in ob­jects mov­ing through your frame. Thank­fully, more ad­vanced HDR soft­ware can de­tect this and com­pen­sate for it.

Speed up

Snapped a whole shoot in need of the HDR treat­ment? Soft­ware con­tain­ing a batch pro­ces­sor will stream­line the process, au­to­mat­i­cally ap­ply­ing your cho­sen set­tings to mul­ti­ple im­ages.

Lit­tle ex­tras

HDR soft­ware isn’t just about pre­set ef­fects and ad­just­ment slid­ers. Se­lec­tive edit­ing, mul­ti­ple lay­ers, blend­ing modes, post pro­cess­ing ef­fects and noise re­duc­tion can all be had.

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