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NPhoto - - From The Editor -

I have a con­fes­sion to make. On the face of it I am a stal­wart ad­vo­cate of proper cam­eras. I’ve pub­licly lam­pooned those mis­guided folk who make do with com­pact cam­eras or mo­bile phones for their pictures, and I ex­tol the virtues of SLRs when­ever I am given a chance. But, yes, I shame­fully ad­mit I reg­u­larly take pictures on my iPhone.

It is not be­cause of the im­age qual­ity – far from it. It is sim­ply be­cause of the ease with which I can then share these pictures with friends, fam­ily and read­ers via Face­book, Twit­ter or email. With my Nikon D800, I can’t sim­ply press a but­ton to get my shots on­line. And this is why I think the launch of Nikon’s new D3400 is so amaz­ing. Here is a bud­get-priced cam­era with all the ad­van­tages of an SLR that can quite sim­ply trans­fer ev­ery im­age that it shoots to your Ap­ple or An­droid smart­phone us­ing the SnapBridge sys­tem first seen on the D500. For me, this is a gamechanger. It al­lows you to share high-qual­ity pho­to­graphs, rather than mo­bile snaps, when you are on hol­i­day, say, or at a party.

Also new this month is our re­launched Pho­toClub – which now of­fers on­line video train­ing cour­ses in all as­pects of pho­tog­ra­phy. Our ex­pert e-learn­ing lessons al­low stu­dents to master new tech­niques and skills at home – or on the move via their phone or tablet. You can see more about our new Pho­toClub web­site on page 68.

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