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View­ing fil­ter

One of the old­est de­vices for help­ing to see in black and white is the Ko­dak Wrat­ten 90 mono­chrome view­ing fil­ter. It does two things. First, by dark­en­ing the view it throws the eye’s re­sponse for a few mo­ments to­wards the rods rather than the cones. Sec­ond, its am­ber tint coun­ters the eye’s ex­tra sen­si­tiv­ity to­wards yel­low-green.

Live Vie w

A live pre­view in black and white is close to ideal, although most prac­ti­cal if you’re us­ing a tri­pod. It gives a sim­ple de­sat­u­ra­tion, and ig­nores the chan­nel-mix­ing pos­si­bil­i­ties that will be avail­able dur­ing pro­cess­ing.

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