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1 The orig­i­nal im­age of Half Dome shows warmer colours in the sun­lit ar­eas, cooler shades in the shad­ows. 2 Adding the dig­i­tal equiv­a­lent of a blue fil­ter pro­duced a flat ren­di­tion, as it light­ened the blue shad­ows and dark­ened the golden sun­lit ar­eas. 3 Set­tings com­pa­ra­ble to a yel­low fil­ter light­ened the warmer sun­lit ar­eas, dark­ened the shad­ows, and gen­er­ated more snap. 4 The de­fault equiv­a­lent of a red fil­ter cre­ated the strong­est con­trast. [See page 77 for more on mono con­trast.]

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