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You can ac­cess the Print win­dow by click­ing on this icon in ei­ther Cap­ture NX-D or View NX-i. See An­no­ta­tion 2 for more de­tail.


Use this drop­down menu to choose the type of print that you pre­fer. You can then print an im­age us­ing the Full Page op­tion, cre­ate an In­dex Print or print a se­lec­tion of im­ages at par­tic­u­lar sizes, such as 5x7. This last op­tion is es­pe­cially handy if you need the shots to fit into a par­tic­u­lar pic­ture frame (or you need a print of a loved one to pop into your wal­let).


Un­less you need to save ink, al­ways set Print Pri­or­ity to Qual­ity. If pos­si­ble, set your printer’s set­tings to ac­knowl­edge the type of pa­per being used. High­qual­ity photo pa­per will pro­duce bet­ter-look­ing prints, while cheap pa­per will ab­sorb more of the ink and cre­ate muddy-look­ing prints.


To make the best use of your sheet of pa­per (and get your por­trait-ori­ented shots print­ing as large as pos­si­ble within the cho­sen page lay­out), tick the Ro­tate to Fit box. If you tick the Crop Im­ages To Fit op­tion then you’ll lose any bor­der colour and get your shots to fill the cho­sen photo size (such as 5x7).


Click here to send a shot to your Mac or PC’s mail app. A drop­down menu en­ables you to re­size a large file to a smaller and quicker-to-send size.


Click here to launch the Up­load win­dow. Here you can re­size and ex­port your movies to a range of on­line des­ti­na­tions in­clud­ing Nikon’s free on­line shar­ing site, Nikon Im­age Space. You can also up­load your photos to one of your Face­book Al­bums, though you’ll need to log in to Face­book first.


Click here to ac­cess the Con­vert Files box. As well as ex­port­ing and re­siz­ing your selected photos you can ar­range your files in a range of Con­tact Sheet grids and even in­clude selected meta­data as photo cap­tions. You can add your name as an over­lay on each im­age and mod­ify the font, size and colour of the over­lay. The con­tact sheet can then be out­putted at var­i­ous sizes to be emailed to friends or clients.


Click here to cre­ate a slideshow movie that show­cases a col­lec­tion of stills. In the win­dow that opens, you will be able to tweak the du­ra­tion of each im­age in the slideshow and choose a tran­si­tion such as wipe or mix. Your im­ages will then be taken into View NX-Movie Ed­i­tor, where you can fine-tune var­i­ous slideshow prop­er­ties, and out­put the sideshow to a par­tic­u­lar movie size so it’s playable on your cho­sen plat­form.

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