Batch pro­cess­ing

Ex­port, edit and re­size mul­ti­ple files in one go

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1 Run batch pro­ces

After edit­ing your photos, shift-click to select a batch of them. Choose File> Run Batch Process. Browse to saved ad­just­ments and ap­ply them to ev­ery shot, or choose Ap­ply Ad­just­ments al­ready in files. Choose a for­mat to con­vert RAW files to (such as web-friendly JPEGs).

2 Choose a si ze

Choose a qual­ity set­ting for your ex­ported batch of im­ages. As we’re sav­ing th­ese ex­am­ple files for shar­ing via Twit­ter, a screen-friendly 72 dpi will look fine. The max­i­mum width or height for an ex­panded im­age in a Twit­ter feed is 1024, so type this into Long Edge.

3 Chose A des­ti­na­tion

Tick Use source file name. Click on Browse and then choose a folder to send your batch pro­cessed files to. Click on Start. The Batch Process Sta­tus win­dow will give you a progress up­date on the pro­cess­ing of each file (click on its icon in the top menu bar).

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