I’ve just up­graded from a D7000 to a D750 and 24-120mm VR lens kit. All my lenses are com­pat­i­ble apart from my Sigma 10-20mm wide-an­gle zoom. Is there any way I can keep us­ing it?

NPhoto - - Nik Pedia - Roger Barnes, via email

Ja­son says... Un­like with Canon D-SLRs, you can use DX (APS-C for­mat) lenses on FX (full-frame) cam­era bod­ies. This in­cludes your Sigma 10-20mm. The only catch is that the smaller im­age cir­cle pro­duced by DX lenses won’t be large enough to cover the whole im­age sen­sor. It’s easy to select the DX Crop mode from the Im­age Area op­tions in the Shoot­ing menu. This will au­to­mat­i­cally crop im­ages as you take them, re­duc­ing the max­i­mum megapixel count from 24.3MP to 8.75MP. The amount of crop­ping is se­vere, so you may pre­fer to stick with the full FX im­age area and crop your photos man­u­ally. This will give you im­ages with a higher megapixel count, es­pe­cially when us­ing your Sigma lens at or near the long end of its zoom range.

Stick­ing with FX mode and crop­ping your photos man­u­ally means that you can of­ten re­tain a larger area of the im­age

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