Jar­gon buster

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Non-de­struc­tive edit­ing

These are ad­just­ments that don’t change the un­der­ly­ing photo, just its ap­pear­ance. The ad­van­tage is you can go back later to change or re­move ad­just­ments. The down­side is there’s no sup­port for lay­ers or more com­plex ef­fects.

Pixel-ba sed edit­ing

This is the tra­di­tional way of edit­ing dig­i­tal im­ages, by mak­ing per­ma­nent changes to the im­age pix­els. It’s harder to roll back the process, but it en­ables much more com­plex ma­nip­u­la­tions, lay­ered mon­tages and com­pos­ites.

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