Soft­boxes or um­brel­las?

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Both of these mod­i­fiers will dif­fuse and soften the beam from a stu­dio light, which is usu­ally good for por­traits. But there are sub­tle dif­fer­ences. In the shots be­low, see how the shad­ows change be­tween the um­brella (left) and soft­box (right). The shadow on the um­brella shot isn’t as deep as the one cre­ated by the soft­box. The rea­son for this is that um­brel­las throw light ev­ery­where, and it bounces off nearby sur­faces. Por­trait pho­tog­ra­phers tend to pre­fer soft­boxes as the spread is nar­rower and there’s more con­trol over the shad­ows. They also pro­duce at­trac­tive square catch­lights in the eyes.

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