Find out how to down­load your free photo-edit­ing soft­ware, and what you need to do to ac­ti­vate its fea­tures be­yond the 30-day trial pe­riod

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DxO Op­tic­sPro 9 is unique as far as imag­ing-edit­ing soft­ware goes: it analy­ses your im­ages and ap­plies ad­just­ments au­to­mat­i­cally, based on the con­tent of the pic­tures and the cam­era equip­ment that was used to cap­ture it. The re­sults can be dra­matic, and are made pos­si­ble by DxO’s back­ground in bench­mark­ing: DxO tests ev­ery new cam­era and lens re­leased, so they know a thing or two about im­age qual­ity. In fact, they’re the out­fit be­hind the soft­ware that we use for our own cam­era re­views.

Op­tic­sPro’s pre­sets are a big part of the pro­gram, and they’re a great place to get started when you’re en­hanc­ing your im­ages. The pre­set styles are very good, but it’s only when you be­gin to adapt them and use your own set­tings that you get to see the full power and qual­ity of the soft­ware.

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