Cre­ate a moon­stack

Cap­ture the pas­sage of time

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If your lens isn’t long enough to get a frame-fill­ing shot of the moon, try shooting a moon­stack. You’ll need to take a num­ber of frames of the moon as it moves through the sky and then com­bine these in Pho­to­shop. You’ll also have to take an ad­di­tional pic­ture where you’ve ex­posed for the land­scape rather than the moon; this will pro­vide your fi­nal com­pos­ite im­age with a well-ex­posed back­drop. The trick with a moon­stack is to work out the in­ter­val be­tween shots, and then to keep it con­sis­tent by us­ing a stop­watch.

In­stead of us­ing a stop­watch, you can au­to­mate the process with a built-in or ex­ter­nal in­ter­val­ome­ter, such as Trig­ger­trap Mo­bile

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