STEP BY STEP: Shoot the moon

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Take per­fect moon pic­tures with these three sim­ple steps

1 Go long

Once you have dis­cov­ered when the moon will be vis­i­ble and waited for a clear night, the moon is one of the eas­i­est sub­jects to shoot in the night sky. For a close-up of the moon, use at least a 300mm lens on a DX-for­mat Nikon, or a 500mm lens on a full-frame one.

2 Get set up

With your Nikon on a tri­pod, you need to frame up the moon. Se­lect Man­ual ex­po­sure and set ISO800, f/5.6 and 1/250 sec. In Man­ual Fo­cus mode, switch to Live View and zoom in on the moon us­ing the mag­nify button on the back of your Nikon. Then care­fully fo­cus on the craters.

3 Ad­just as needed

Take a test shot, and ad­just the ISO un­til the sur­face of the moon is cor­rectly ex­posed. Re­mem­ber that the moon will move quickly, so you may have to re-frame your shot.

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