STEP BY STEP: Get in a spin

Here’s how to shoot cir­cu­lar star trails

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1 Fr ame and fo­cus

If you’re shooting in the north­ern hemi­sphere, point your cam­era at the North Star if you want to cap­ture cir­cu­lar star trails. In the south­ern hemi­sphere you will need to lo­cate the South­ern Cross. The eas­i­est way to com­pose and fo­cus is to set a very high ISO and switch to Live View.

2 Set the EX­PO­SURE

Once you’re happy with the fram­ing of your shot, you will need to drop the ISO back down to 400, and set Man­ual ex­po­sure mode. Choose a shutter speed of 30 sec­onds and an aper­ture of f/5.6, and take a test shot to check that the stars are vis­i­ble. If they’re not, in­crease the ISO un­til you can just see the stars.

3 Shoot your SEQUE NCE

If you’re us­ing a re­mote release, set the cam­era to con­tin­u­ous shooting, then press and lock the re­mote. With an in­ter­val­ome­ter, set the in­ter­val to 30 sec­onds. Fi­nally, shoot a dark frame with the same set­tings.

A wide-an­gle zoom like this Sigma 10-20mm is ideal for star trail ex­po­sures

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