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NPhoto - - Nikon Skills -

1 Add a vi­gnette

In the De­velop mo­d­ule, click the Ef­fects panel, then click the PostCrop Vi­gnette tool. Leave the Style set to High­light Pri­or­ity. Drag Amount to -35. This dark­ens the cor­ners and some of the edges. In­crease Mid­point to 59 to push the ef­fect nearer the frame edge.

2 Re­fine the vi­gnette

By de­fault, a Round­ness of 0 cre­ates an oval shape that suits the photo’s land­scape shape. Drag Round­ness left to get a rec­tan­gu­lar shape. Drag it right to +35 to cre­ate a more oval-shaped vi­gnette that dark­ens the ver­ti­cal edges a bit more. Leave Feather on 50.

3 Crop the photo

Click the Crop Over­lay icon in the tool­bar be­low the his­togram. The crop over­lay will ap­pear over the en­tire photo. Click Orig­i­nal and choose a new as­pect ra­tio of 1x1. This changes the crop to a square shape. Drag in­side the crop over­lay to in­clude all of the branches.

4 Re-eval­u­ate the vi­gnette

Click Done to ap­ply the crop and cre­ate a square ver­sion of the land­scape. This loses the bland edges of the frame and makes the tree more prom­i­nent. The vi­gnette ef­fect we cre­ated ear­lier will reap­pear in the new cor­ners of the cropped photo.

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