Glow for it!

NPhoto - - Nikon Skills -

1 Paint the ’saber

Make a new layer (Cmd/Ctrl + Shift + N). Se­lect the Brush (B), go to Win­dow>Brush and make Spac­ing 1% for a solid line when you paint. Choose a white fore­ground colour. Click the base of the han­dle, hold Shift and click the end of the ’saber. Use a mask to re­move the glow on the han­dle.

2 Make it glow

Du­pli­cate the new layer, right-click on the mask and click Ap­ply Layer Mask. Go to Fil­ter>Blur>Gaus­sian Blur and set 75 pix­els. Du­pli­cate this layer sev­eral times to boost the glow. Now drag the orig­i­nal layer (with the lightsaber in it) to the top of the Lay­ers pal­ette.

3 Add a colour

Click the top glow layer, hold Shift, click the bot­tom one, then press Cmd/Ctrl+G. With the Group se­lected, add a Hue/Sat­u­ra­tion ad­just­ment layer, tick Colorize, lower Light­ness and boost Sat­u­ra­tion. With your cur­sor half­way be­tween this layer and the Group, hold Alt and click.

4 Light the face

Make a new layer and choose the Brush tool. Set the glow colour, right-click on the im­age and set the brush Hard­ness to 20%. Set Soft Light blend­ing mode, then paint in the glow. Mask out bits that spill onto the scenery. Blur the light with Fil­ter>Blur>Guas­sian Blur at 30 pix­els.

5 Sharpen it up

To get that gritty, cin­e­matic look, we’re go­ing to use the High Pass fil­ter to ac­cen­tu­ate the edges in the shot. Use Cmd/Ctrl+Shift+N for a new layer, then Cmd/ Ctrl+Alt+Shift+E to merge the vis­i­ble lay­ers. Fi­nally go to Fil­ter>Other>High pass and choose about 80 pix­els.

6 Tweak the colours

One fi­nal sug­gested ad­just­ment is to colour bal­ance the im­age a lit­tle. Make a new Ad­just­ment Layer and choose Colour Bal­ance. Click on Tone and give the Shad­ows a positive boost on the blue and cyan chan­nels, and turn the High­lights or­ange (by boost­ing yel­low and red).

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