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NPhoto - - Nikon Skills -

1 Crop in

Se­lect your Crop tool in Pho­to­shop (C) and drag a shape around the cat. Use the han­dles at the edges to re­size the crop. Leave some space around the cat, and avoid crop­ping over fur, un­less it’s for cre­ative pur­poses. Now du­pli­cate the layer (Ctrl/Cmd+J) for the next step.

2 Clean up

There’s a fil­ter that works like the Heal­ing Brush tool. Go to Fil­ter> Noise> Dust& Scratch es. Set your Ra­dius to 10 pix­els and your Thresh­old to 5. Press OK and use a vec­tor mask to paint over the cat with the Brush (B). Voila! A clean back­ground and a sharp cat.

3 Stay sharp

Make a new layer and merge all of the lay­ers un­der­neath to the new layer (Ctrl/Cmd+Alt+Shift+E). Go to Fil­ter> Smart Sharpen with a Ra­dius of 1px and an Amount of 120%. You can re­duce the opac­ity on the layer later if you change your mind.

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