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Get started with Op­tic­sPro

NPhoto - - Nikon Skills -

1 Ap­ply corrections

Se­lect an im­age in the Or­gan­ise sec­tion, then click Cus­tomise. Op­tic­sPro will au­to­mat­i­cally ap­ply corrections. Click the Ap­ply Pre­set button in the top-right, and a large pre­view of your im­age will ap­pear.

2 Try a pre­set

Se­lect Por­trait and Land­scape, then scroll through the op­tions to Po­larised Post­card. You need to se­lect it then click Ap­ply. Now you can take a look at the avail­able op­tions on the right of the screen.

3 Fine-tune it

A blue switch dis­played next to any of the sections, such as White Bal­ance shown here, in­di­cates that one of the pa­ram­e­ters within that sec­tion has been ad­justed. Use any of the slid­ers to fine-tune.

4 Save pre­set

Once you’ve fin­ished mak­ing your ad­just­ments, re­turn to the left column: just be­low the pre­set list, you will see three small icons. Click the one near­est the edge of the screen to save the pre­set.

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