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Track­ing fast-mov­ing birds with a long lens takes a bit of prac­tice. The trick is to pick a sin­gle bird and start track­ing it when it’s still quite small in the viewfinder – again much like a mis­sile-guid­ance sys­tem! If you keep your ac­tive AF point(s) over your sub­ject, and your thumb pressed down on the rear AF button, your Nikon will ad­just the fo­cus as the bird gets big­ger in the frame. It also helps to set a clus­ter of AF points, rather than a sin­gle AF point, as this will en­sure fo­cus is main­tained even if your sub­ject strays away from your se­lected AF point (again, see your Nikon’s man­ual for how to set this).

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