Gold and Dreams Elena Paraskeva

NPhoto - - Photographer Of The Year 2016 -

This stunning shot of the Manhattan sky­line cap­tures the essence of the cityscape within a wider scene. There’s al­ways a risk, when shooting a city from such a dis­tance with a wide-an­gle lens, that ev­ery­thing ends up look­ing too small, but this just works. The move­ment in the clouds cap­tured dur­ing the 30-sec­ond ex­po­sure re­ally draws the eye in. Had the ex­po­sure time been any shorter, more de­tail would have been recorded in the river, which could have been dis­tract­ing – plus the won­der­ful re­flec­tions of the pil­ings wouldn’t have been as dis­tinct. Nikon D800, 16-35mm f/4, 30 secs, f/16, ISO64

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