Straighten con­verg­ing ver­ti­cals

Fix per­spec­tive dis­tor­tion and bust some dust

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1 Coun­terac t tilt Browse to dis­tor­tion_s­tart.jpg in the Fold­ers view to open it. Click the Straighten and Per­spec­tive Con­trol icon in the Edit panel. Click on the Straighten tool icon and drag to draw a line that fol­lows the tower’s tilted left wall. The shot will ro­tate to make the wall ver­ti­cal. 2 Cor­rec t dis­tor­tion Drag the Per­spec­tive Con­trol’s Ver­ti­cal slider right to 6.9. This helps to make the top sec­tion of the build­ing ap­pear to lean to­wards the cam­era, coun­ter­act­ing the con­verg­ing ver­ti­cals. This ad­just­ment mim­ics the ef­fect of a tilt-shift lens. The walls will now ap­pear more ver­ti­cal. 3 Re­move sen­sor spots When cor­rect­ing dis­tor­tion, the shot is cropped. This, hap­pily, re­moves some of the sen­sor spots at the edges of the frame. Now click on the Re­touch Brush icon. In­crease the Size of the tip to cover any spots. Spray over a spot and it will be re­placed with clear blue sky.

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