In­ter­fit EX150 MKIII two-light kit

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Max power: Gn 32m (ISO 100) Full power re­cy­cle time: 1.5 sec­onds Vari­able power: Full to 1/8 Colour tem­per­a­ture: 5600k Ready in­di­ca­tor: LED, op­tional beep Trig­ger volt­age: 5V Head weight: 1600g Price: £230/$350 This is a com­plete stu­dio flash kit based on two mains-pow­ered flash heads (with push-button con­trols and ro­tary power di­als), rated at 150Ws each, and ac­ces­sories. The max­i­mum light out­put from each in­di­vid­ual head is rather more than from the SB-700. As well as two flash heads, the kit in­cludes a pair of 2.6m (8.5ft) light­ing stands, a 60cm (24in) square soft­box, a 90cm (36in) translu­cent um­brella, two re­flec­tors, two mod­el­ling lamps, sync ca­ble and power lead. Most kits throw in a ra­dio trig­ger, too. It takes a while to set up the stands, heads, soft­box and um­brella. As with other stu­dio flash heads, you’ll have to shoot in man­ual ex­po­sure mode (see page 36), but ad­just­ing the power of each flash head is eas­ily done, and the kit is sim­ple to use. Un­like many budget and mid-range stu­dio flash kits, this doesn't come with car­ry­ing bags, which lim­its its porta­bil­ity. Lug­ging a stu­dio flash kit around is in­evitably more of a chore than slip­ping a flash­gun into your bag, and you’ll also need mains elec­tric­ity. When used in con­junc­tion with the in­cluded soft­box and brolly, the two heads can pro­duce won­der­fully soft, nat­u­ral-look­ing light­ing (see pages 36 and 46). Plus, the mod­el­ling lamps make it easy to pre­view the ef­fect when chang­ing the po­si­tion and power set­tings.

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