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In con­trast to the im­age of beach cabins, which was a sin­gle fleet­ing mo­ment, the small ac­tion here was re­peated over a few min­utes. Again, this was a case of the set­ting and fram­ing be­ing at­trac­tive to be­gin with. What at­tracted me was a com­bi­na­tion of a frame-fill­ing mass of stone col­umns lit beau­ti­fully by a low, very clear sun. What it needed from my point of view was one or two or­gan­ised and lim­ited pieces of ac­tion, and these two fig­ures pro­vided it. The wo­man, mak­ing a call, rocked on her heel as she talked – the four close-ups show her ba­sic range of poses. When you have a choice of poses, se­lect the mo­ment with care – think about which ex­act one will be good for you, and then be quick enough to cap­ture it.

The toes raised and pointed, with the shoe out­lined clearly, was the most ex­pres­sive mo­ment in my scene, added to slightly by the for­ward lean­ing that echoed the pos­ture of the sun­lit man in the back­ground.

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