Re­move un­wanted dis­trac­tions

Get to grips Cap­ture NX-D’s Auto Re­touch Brush

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Und ock Re­touch panel

In the Edit panel, click the fly-out menu icon at the top-right of the Re­touch panel and choose Un­dock. You can then drag the Re­touch panel closer to the photo to speed up your edit­ing.

Bird ’s eye

Un­dock the Bird’s Eye view and use its slider to zoom in for a closer look at spe­cific ar­eas. You’ll then be able to tell how your re­touch­ing is shap­ing up. Drag within this panel’s white rec­tan­gu­lar box to pan around the mag­ni­fied im­age.

Hide un­wanted win­dows

To cre­ate a cleaner, leaner workspace pop up to Win­dow in the menu bar and untick the pan­els that you don’t cur­rently need (such as Me­ta­data, Fold­ers and even Edit). You can then fo­cus on re­touch­ing the shot with­out be­ing dis­tracted by workspace clut­ter.

Com­pare the dif­fer­ence

Click here and choose the Com­pare Be­fore and After Im­ages op­tion. You can then com­pare the re­touched im­age on the right with the orig­i­nal on the left. If you can’t see the orig­i­nal, unedited photo in the left panel click the ad­ja­cent Orig­i­nal icon in the top tool­bar.

Auto Re­touch Brush

Click this icon to open the Auto Re­touch Brush panel. After you’ve re­touched ob­jects you can tog­gle cloned ar­eas on and off by check­ing and uncheck­ing the ‘Auto Re­touch Brush’ box.

Ad­just brush size

Choose a tip size by ad­just­ing this slider. It doesn’t have to be larger than the un­wanted ob­ject, as you can spray an ir­reg­u­lar stroke that cov­ers any ir­reg­u­lar shape, not just cir­cu­lar sen­sor spots.

Re­move the car

Spray the Re­touch Brush tip over the car in one con­tin­u­ous stroke to have the tool sam­ple ad­ja­cent pix­els and place them over the car to hide it. If you spray in two or three separate strokes then each stroke will use dif­fer­ent ran­dom sam­ples, mak­ing them more no­tice­able. As the sur­round­ing veg­e­ta­tion is a com­plex tex­ture, the patch should blend with its sur­round­ings and hide the car ef­fec­tively. If the cloned area doesn’t look too con­vinc­ing, sim­ply undo the edit and try again.

Hide the flag

Due to the lack of wind when this shot was taken, it’s hard to tell that this is a flag! Spray the Auto Re­touch Brush tip over the floppy flag in one go again. The ini­tial cloned pix­els will look blurred. Spray over those blurred pix­els and the re­placed ar­eas should be­come sharper.

Clear the roof

To re­move the many patches of plant ob­scur­ing the roof, make a se­ries of smaller separate strokes.

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