Crop be­fore cloning

Here’s how to re­move un­wanted ob­jects by crop­ping in­stead of cloning

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Che ck the edges

Open Re­touch_s­tart.jpg. Be­fore cloning out un­wanted ob­jects, check the edges of the pic­ture for ob­jects that you can re­move more quickly and ef­fec­tively with the Crop tool, such as the bit of out-of-fo­cus plant on the left of our im­age’s frame, and the sliver of loft win­dow, top-right.

Pre­serve the sha pe

Grab the Crop tool. In the Crop panel, set the As­pect Ra­tio drop-down to Photo Ra­tio. This will pre­serve the cropped photo’s pro­por­tions so that they are the same pro­por­tion as other shots from your Nikon. Next, in the Crop panel, tick ‘Show Grid’ to sum­mon a Rule of Thirds grid.

Cr op the sh ot

Click and drag the crop tool to se­lect the en­tire im­age. Drag the top-left corner han­dle in to crop out the soft-fo­cus plant. Drag within the win­dow to re­ar­range the com­po­si­tion so that the pump­kin is in the right-hand third and the dog’s head is in the left third. Click Ap­ply Ra­tio when you’re happy.

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