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NPhoto - - Nikon Skills -

1 Use a tri­pod

Wait for near-dark then set up on a tri­pod. It can be hard to get the fram­ing right, so com­pose loosely. You don’t want the lens hunt­ing to fo­cus, so pre-fo­cus on a point in the scene and then switch to man­ual fo­cus to lock it. Take care when shoot­ing in the dark near deep wa­ter.

2 Set Bulb mode

The shut­ter speed on a Nikon maxes out at 30 sec­onds, which isn’t long enough when you’re fum­bling around with torches in the dark. So set Man­ual Mode and dial the shut­ter speed down to Bulb. This way the shut­ter stays open for as long as the shut­ter but­ton is en­gaged.

3 At­tach a shut­ter re­lease

Use a re­mote re­lease to lock open the ex­po­sure – ei­ther a cable re­lease or a wire­less one like this Hah­nel re­lease. Al­ter­na­tively, if your Nikon has Wi-Fi, you could use your smart­phone app. Start and end the bulb ex­po­sure re­motely while con­cen­trat­ing on the light paint­ing.

4 Take a test shot

Your aper­ture and ISO de­pend on the strength of your torches and am­bi­ent light. Use test shots to work it out; start at ISO100 and aper­ture f/8, be­gin an ex­po­sure and shine your lights. If it’s too dark, open the aper­ture or bump up the ISO. If it’s too light, do the op­po­site.

5 Make your own kit

There are spe­cial­ist light paint­ing prod­ucts out there, but you prob­a­bly have items at home that will work well. We used a cou­ple of coloured cups and shone torches through each. We taped these to a tri­pod leg (but any stick or pole would work), which we swung to and fro.

6 Cre­ate sin­is­ter fig­ures

Cre­at­ing sin­is­ter-look­ing sil­hou­ette fig­ures like the one on the pre­vi­ous page is fun. All you need to do is move the lights be­hind a per­son while they stand per­fectly still. Next, flash a light twice through a green coloured cup in front of their face to cre­ate the glow­ing eyes.

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