Freez­ing with flash

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It’s not so much the shut­ter speed that freezes the mo­tion here, it’s the flash du­ra­tion. That’s be­cause we’re in a dim room, so the only light that reg­is­ters is the brief burst from the Speed­light, which is far quicker than the cam­era’s max­i­mum flash sync speed (usu­ally 1/200 or 1/250 sec). The lower the Speed­light power, the faster the flash du­ra­tion. When fired at full power the du­ra­tion may even be close to 1/200 sec, but at 1/16 power the du­ra­tion will shrink to around 1/8000 sec or faster (de­pend­ing on your Speed­light). So if you’re see­ing mo­tion blur in your flash-lit ac­tion shots lower the flash power and bump up the ISO.

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