Make cre­ative colour changes

Grade a shot’s colours by ad­just­ing in­di­vid­ual colour Curves

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1 SEE re d

Browse to curves_s­tart.jpg. Open the Lev­els & Curves panel. Set the drop-down menu to Red. Place an an­chor point in the mid­dle of the Curve. Drag a top-right point up­wards to lighten the red high­lights. Drag a bot­tom-left point down to darken the red shad­ows.


Se­lect the Green chan­nel from the drop-down menu. Cre­ate an­other S-curve by plac­ing three new an­chor points. By dark­en­ing the Green chan­nel’s shad­ows we re­duce the amount of green in th­ese darker ar­eas. Light­en­ing the green high­lights cre­ates a more cyan sky.


Se­lect the Blue chan­nel. Click to place an an­chor point in the mid­dle of the Curve. Place a point in the high­lights at the top-right and drag it down to re­duce the strength of the blues in the brighter ar­eas. This en­ables the Green chan­nel’s high­lights to be­come more dom­i­nant.

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