Bare bulb

Di­rect flash, with no at­tach­ments or mod­i­fiers, can be highly ef­fec­tive

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Fir­ing a sin­gle light source – such as our Elinchrom head here – bare pro­vides 180 de­grees of hard light, which isn’t the most flat­ter­ing or re­fined look, but it can be very dra­matic. Like all of the shots here (bar­ring the ring light), the light is po­si­tioned to the right of cam­era and above the face, and the sub­ject’s body and face are an­gled to­wards it. Harsh light is of­ten best em­ployed with the sub­ject’s face an­gled to­wards it: at other an­gles it can pro­duce unattrac­tive shad­ows across the face. Bare-bul­bing in a small room or next to a wall will give plenty of fill light be­cause the spread is so wide that the flash bounces off all of the sur­round­ing sur­faces.

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