Um brella

Dif­fuse the light for a soft, flat­ter­ing ef­fect with a shoot‑through brolly

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A white um­brella will dif­fuse and spread the light to cover a wide area. It’ll give you a nice even il­lu­mi­na­tion and fill in a lot of the shad­ows. With white um­brel­las you can ei­ther an­gle the head away from the sub­ject so that the light bounces back off the um­brella, cre­at­ing a very wide spread; or an­gle the head to­wards the sub­ject and shoot through the um­brella to get more di­rec­tional light. While great for pro­duc­ing a spread of soft, flat­ter­ing light, um­brel­las are less useful if you need con­trol over where the light falls.

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