Beauty dish

Get a vel­vety fash­ion look with a large satel­lite-dish shaped re­flec­tor

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A beauty dish is a large par­a­bolic re­flec­tor of­ten used in fash­ion pho­tog­ra­phy. A white, cir­cu­lar de­flec­tor di­rectly in front of the bare bulb shades the sub­ject from di­rect flash, bounc­ing the light back into the dish to pro­duce a vel­vety-soft di­rec­tional light that’s some­where be­tween di­rect flash and a soft­box. Shad­ows are soft yet de­fined, while the eye catch­light is cir­cu­lar. There are two kinds of beauty dish: the metal kind that can be fit­ted with hon­ey­comb grids or dif­fusers; or the col­lapsi­ble kind like our In­ter­fit beauty dish.

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