Chan­nel the light into a tight beam for a dose of drama or to pick out de­tails

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A snoot like the In­ter­fit S-Type here chan­nels the light down a tube into a cir­cu­lar open­ing, pro­duc­ing a very nar­row beam of light. The light on the face here is hard, with deep shad­ows un­der the nose and chin. Un­like in the other shots here, there’s no spill of light across the back­ground, so it comes out look­ing al­most black. Be­cause of this, snoots are useful for direct­ing the light to a spe­cific part of your sub­ject. You wouldn’t of­ten see one used alone like this to light the face. More of­ten they’re teamed with other lights, per­haps as a back light for some hair or rim­light­ing.

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