STEP BY STEP / Pho­to­shop witchcraft

NPhoto - - Nikon Skills -

1 En­large the eyes

Open movie_witch.jpg and press Ctrl+J. Go to Fil­ter>Dis­tort>Liquify. Click the Bloat tool, then re­size the brush un­til it’s larger than the eye­ball. Click each eye a few times to en­large them, then switch to the Pucker tool and re­duce the brush size to shrink the pupils.

2 Thin the chin

Use the Warp tool to push in the nose and chin in short, sharp move­ments so that they’re ex­ag­ger­at­edly small and pointy, and make the neck thin­ner. Push the mouth up to give it a sub­tle smile. Click OK. Next, click the New Layer icon in the Lay­ers panel and click the Brush tool.

3 Soften the edges

Set the brush’s Opac­ity to 30%, then paint the edges of the hair and cos­tume with a large soft-edged brush to fade them. Cre­ate a Bright­ness/Con­trast ad­just­ment layer, set Con­trast to 21, Bright­ness to 24. Add aPhoto Fil­ter ad­just­ment layer with the Cool­ing Fil­ter (82).

4 Colour the eyes

Add a Hue/Sat­u­ra­tion ad­just­ment layer. Check Colorize and set Hue 120, Sat­u­ra­tion 60. Press Ctrl+I and re­duce the brush size, then paint green around the pupils. Next, click on the Type tool. Choose a bold font such as Tra­jan Pro in black, then type a title on a faded part of the im­age.

5 Trans­form the title

Grab the Move tool, check Show Bound­ing Box, then click the box to trans­form the title. Go to Layer>Layer Style>Style Set­tings and check Drop Shadow. Set An­gle to 120, Size to 5, Dis­tance to 16 and Opac­ity to 36. Title done, add smaller text for the tagline and cred­its.

6 Let it snow

Fill a new layer be­low the type with black, then go to Fil­ter>Noise>Add Noise. Choose Amount 400, Type: Gaus­sian, Monochro­matic. Then Fil­ter>Artis­tic>Dry Brush>OK, then Fil­ter>Blur>Gaus­sian Blur. Set 1px. Set Blend Mode to Screen, and erase the snow on the face.

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