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NPhoto - - Nikon Skills -

1 Tweak the set

In Adobe Bridge, right-click an im­age and choose Open in Cam­era Raw. Then make any changes (we con­verted to mono) and hit Done. Right-click the im­age, choose De­velop Set­tings>Copy Set­tings. Se­lect other files, right-click and se­lect De­velop Set­tings>Paste Set­tings.

2 Copy and paste

Open an im­age, then use the Rec­tan­gu­lar Mar­quee tool to se­lect and copy the part of it you want to use. Make a new A3 doc­u­ment with a white back­ground. Paste in your first im­age’s se­lec­tion. Go to the Lay­ers Panel, right-click the layer and click Con­vert to Smart Ob­ject.

3 Re­size and po­si­tion

Grab the Move tool, check ‘Show Trans­form Con­trols’ and ‘Auto-se­lect Layer’ in the op­tions. Move the piece roughly into po­si­tion and click the cor­ner of the box (hold­ing Shift) if you need to re­size it. Re­peat this with por­tions of other images to build up your col­lage.

4 Cre­ate shad­ows

Once the po­si­tion­ing’s done, add shad­ows. Dou­ble-click any layer to open the Layer Styles box. Choose Drop Shadow then ad­just the set­tings to tweak the shadow size and po­si­tion. Once done, hold Alt and drag the Drop Shadow ef­fect from one layer to an­other to repli­cate it.

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