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Self-timer Mode

Chris­tian says… Ini­tially, Steven’s shots were a lit­tle blurry, and to me it looked like cam­era shake, but his D810 was on a tri­pod, so it wasn’t that. It turned out to be the move­ment of Steven’s hand press­ing the shut­ter re­lease but­ton. To pre­vent this I sug­gested set­ting the self-timer to 2 sec­onds, so Steven could take his hand away be­fore his cam­era took the shot.

Fo­cal length

Chris­tian says… Steven’s Nikon 24-70mm f/2.8 was ideal for shoot­ing in the very chal­leng­ing weather; its ver­sa­tile fo­cal length range meant he could shoot wide or crop in with­out hav­ing to change lenses (and risk ex­pos­ing his D810’s sen­sor to the el­e­ments). Plus it’s pin-sharp, es­pe­cially at the mid-range aper­tures that are typ­i­cally used for land­scapes.

Vir­tual Hori­zon

Chris­tian says… Steven’s ap­proach to shoot­ing was quite me­thod­i­cal, but in­stead of shoot­ing through the viewfinder, I urged him to en­gage Live View and press the ‘i’ info but­ton to get to the Vir­tual Hori­zon tool. This over­lays your im­age with a line that turns green when your hori­zon is straight. It’s a very quick and easy tool that I use all the time.

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