Min­imise noise

Smooth out chroma and lu­mi­nance noise while pre­serv­ing im­por­tant de­tail

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Last is­sue we demon­strated how the De­tail panel can en­able you to sharpen a photo while keep­ing noise at bay. Noise is added to a photo when us­ing a high ISO sen­si­tiv­ity set­ting on your cam­era, or when shoot­ing at night with a slow shut­ter speed. There are two types of noise – lu­mi­nance (greyscale) and chroma (colour). Lu­mi­nance noise ap­pears through­out the im­age’s tonal range as tiny dots. Chroma noise man­i­fests it­self as tiny patches of dis­tract­ing rain­bow colours, which are es­pe­cially no­tice­able in de­tail-free sec­tions of a JPEG im­age, such as a sky.

Lu­mi­nance noise can be com­pared to char­ac­ter-adding film grain, so it’s less dis­tract­ing or un­de­sir­able than chroma noise. Here we’ll show you how you can use the De­tail panel’s Noise Re­duc­tion tools to smooth out lu­mi­nance noise while pre­serv­ing im­por­tant im­age de­tail.

It’s much eas­ier to re­move chroma noise with­out los­ing de­tail, as you will see in the fol­low­ing walkthrough.

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