Step by step: trans­form a flat photo

Lighten the mood by bright­en­ing the ex­po­sure to re­veal more de­tail

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Straighten THINGS up

In the Fold­ers win­dow, browse to our start file ex­po­sure_ start.NEF. Click on the Straighten tool icon in the tool­bar. Click and drag to draw a line that fol­lows the shot’s tilted hori­zon. The tool will mea­sure the an­gle of the hori­zon and ro­tate the shot to coun­ter­act the tilt.

Brighten the shad­ows

Click on the Edit panel’s Tone icon and boost the im­age’s Sat­u­ra­tion to 40 for more vi­brant land­scape colours. Click on the ad­ja­cent Tone/De­tail icon. Drag the Shadow Pro­tec­tion slider to 47. This se­lec­tively light­ens the un­der-ex­posed shad­ows with­out ac­ci­den­tally blow­ing out the sky’s brighter de­tails.

Ad­just THE ex­po­sure

In the Edit panel, click on the Ex­po­sure Com­pen­sa­tion drop-down and choose the +1/2 EV pre­set. This per­forms the same job as open­ing the lens’s aper­ture by half an f-stop. You can man­u­ally fine-tune the EV value by us­ing the Ex­po­sure Com­pen­sa­tion slider too.

Boost THE con­tras t

The un­der-ex­posed shot is now brighter, but it’s still a bit lack­ing on con­trast. Drag the D-Light­ing HS slider to the right. A value of around 13 will pro­duce slightly darker blacks at the far left of the his­togram. This cre­ates a more strik­ing con­trast be­tween the dark­est shad­ows and the bright­est high­lights.

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