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Shoot IN RAW

To get the most out of Cap­ture NX-D, shoot us­ing your Nikon’s RAW for­mat set­ting. This en­ables you to ac­cess and ap­ply many more of Cap­ture NX-D’s tools and pan­els than you can if you shoot JPEGs. You can also re­veal more miss­ing shadow or high­light de­tail if you’re work­ing with a RAW file.

Set His­togram to Bright­ness

By de­fault, the his­togram win­dow shows you three sep­a­rate graphs for the red, green and blue chan­nels. To eas­ily see a photo’s spread of shad­ows, mid­tones and high­lights, set the His­togram’s drop-down menu to Bright­ness. Now you’ll see an un­du­lat­ing white graph that shows the spread and strength of tones in the scene.

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