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1 Find a fall

We came to a beau­ti­ful wa­ter­fall in the Bre­con Bea­cons, but go wher­ever is con­ve­nient for you. You you can use lo­cal maps to nav­i­gate your way to nearby wa­ter­falls, or a quick search on­line will re­veal falls near­est to your lo­ca­tion – even some parks have small falls.

2 Get there early

Ar­rive an hour or so be­fore it gets dark to have time to set up and com­pose your im­age. Be sure to bring a bright head torch and spare bat­ter­ies for it. Find­ing your lo­ca­tion in the day­time is one thing, but you also need to get back home safely af­ter­wards.

3 Go wide

A wide-an­gle lens is the best lens to bring for this shot. With the tri­pod set up in the wa­ter and lev­elled off, you can fit in the whole scene in front of you. This is a lot eas­ier than hav­ing to read­just the en­tire cam­era and tri­pod ev­ery time a stick goes awry.

4 Choose your an­gle

We started out by shoot­ing in the mid­dle of the river, but the sticks’ paths didn’t look that ex­cit­ing. So we moved to the wa­ter’s edge to al­low the sticks to flow past the lens, which ac­cen­tu­ated the ebbing and flow­ing of the wa­ter as the cur­rent pulled the glow sticks past.

5 Go long

Use a long shut­ter speed to get smooth wa­ter and light trails. Start the ex­po­sure just as your friend lets go of the glow sticks, un­til the sticks have passed you. If you’re us­ing Bulb mode, use a re­mote re­lease to avoid mov­ing the cam­era with your hand.

6 De­lay if needed

If you don’t have a re­mote shut­ter re­lease ca­ble, use ex­po­sure de­lay mode. Hid­den in your Nikon’s Cus­tom Set­ting menu, un­der Shoot­ing/Dis­play, turn Ex­po­sure De­lay Mode on. Then when you press your shut­ter it’ll de­lay the re­lease for a short time be­fore tak­ing the shot.

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