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Lens hood

Kevin says… When Kate got her cam­era out, I no­ticed she didn’t have a hood at­tached to her lens. I’d al­ways rec­om­mend put­ting a hood on your lens when shoot­ing con­certs, since they help to pre­vent flare from stage lights, es­pe­cially from oblique an­gles. And of course, a hood will also pro­tect the front el­e­ments of the lens from knocks and scrapes.

Base set­tings

Kevin says… I showed Kate the go-to set­tings that I use as my base to work from. In Man­ual mode, I set a wide aper­ture of f/3.2, a shut­ter speed of at least 1/400 sec, and an ISO of 5000. These set­tings en­sure the im­age is sharp, as the fast shut­ter speed freezes the ac­tion. These set­tings work well on most stages, but you can ad­just up or down from here if you need to.

Hold the lens

Kevin says… Hold­ing the cam­era com­fort­ably is a big part of gig pho­tog­ra­phy, as you’ll be shoot­ing for most of the night. Kate had her hand over the top of the lens, but I told her to rest her left hand un­der­neath the lens to prop it up. That made her more sta­ble so she could get sharper shots, and she was still able to ad­just fo­cus and fo­cal length eas­ily.

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