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Copy over the layer

Open the im­ages of the sub­ject and the empty scene in Pho­to­shop. Go to the empty im­age, then go to the Lay­ers panel (Win­dow>Lay­ers). Right-click the ‘Back­ground’ layer and choose Du­pli­cate Layer. In the Des­ti­na­tion Set­tings choose the other im­age, hit OK.

Add a full mask

Go to the other im­age, you’ll now have two lay­ers in the Lay­ers panel. With the up­per layer high­lighted, hold Alt and click the rec­tan­gu­lar Add Layer Mask icon at the bot­tom of the Lay­ers panel. This will add a full black layer mask that com­pletely hides the layer.

Brush over the bench

We can now paint with white to re­veal the back­ground, thereby hid­ing the bench. Grab the Brush tool from the Tools panel (hit B). Press D to set your colour to white. Right-click and de­crease the brush hard­ness to 0, then paint over the bench to re­veal parts of the empty scene.

Per­fect the mask

Zoom in close and con­tinue per­fect­ing your layer mask. If you re­veal too much of the empty scene, sim­ply hit X to switch to black and paint to hide it again. Use the ] and [ keys to re­size your brush tip, and Shift-click be­tween two points to paint a line be­tween them.

Tidy the clothes

Click the New Layer icon in the Lay­ers panel. Grab the Clone tool from the Tools panel and set it to Sam­ple All Lay­ers. Zoom in to where the clothes meet the bench. Alt-click to sam­ple clothes and clone over messy ar­eas, hid­ing the join and adding ex­tra de­tail where nec­es­sary.

En­hance the tones

Fi­nally, make any tonal changes you think nec­es­sary. We like to use the Cam­era Raw fil­ter for this. Hit Cmd/ Ctrl+Shift+Alt+E to merge a layer, then go to Fil­ter> Cam­era Raw Fil­ter. Use the Ba­sic tonal con­trols to add con­trast, tweak colours and boost clar­ity. Hit OK.

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