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Work with grav­ity

Floaty clothes and coats can help to em­pha­size the sense of weight­less­ness and move­ment, es­pe­cially if you ar­range them prop­erly be­fore shoot­ing. Translu­cent ma­te­rial, like the dress in Tip 3, can also look great if you back­light it with light from be­hind.

Look for re­flec­tions

Look for scenes that in­clude re­flec­tions, as these can ground the sub­ject in the scene, help­ing get around the ‘cut and paste’ look of some lev­i­ta­tion photos. Al­ter­na­tively, have them touch the floor or rest a foot on the wall – a point of con­tact like this has a sim­i­lar ef­fect.

Lev­i­tate other ob­jects

Why stop at a lev­i­tat­ing per­son, why not make other ob­jects in the scene ap­pear to float as well, like the lamp here? Sim­ply hold them in the air then clone out your hands later on. Or if you’re good at catch­ing, toss them up and take a quick snap while they’re air­borne.

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