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WhiteWall is aimed at pro pho­tog­ra­phers and en­thu­si­asts, and this shows in its wide range of print and pa­per op­tions. We opted for the midrange ul­traHD Photo Print on Fuji Crys­tal DP II pa­per at 60x40cm. This print­ing and pa­per combo is touted as de­liv­er­ing in­creased sat­u­ra­tion, lu­mi­nos­ity and de­tail, and these claims aren’t just hype.

Fine de­tail is in­deed eye­pop­pingly crisp, with­out look­ing over­sharp­ened. There’s enough clar­ity to re­veal de­tails that sim­ply aren’t vis­i­ble on most other prints. Colour ac­cu­racy is also first class, and though paler greens lack the vi­brancy of those in the Bob Books print, they’re more re­al­is­tic. Our only nit­pick con­cerns some slightly dark shadow ar­eas that could re­veal more de­tail, how­ever this isn’t a deal-breaker.

Fac­tor in a re­spectable four-day de­liv­ery time, aboveav­er­age pack­ag­ing qual­ity and op­tional au­to­matic pre-print­ing im­age en­hance­ment and WhiteWall is hard to beat.

Pros Stun­ning lev­els of de­tail; good colour vi­brancy and ac­cu­racy; fair price Cons The shadow ar­eas could be a lit­tle bit brighter We say

It’s not quite the per­fect print, but it’s close enough to win the day Over­all score

Most as­pects of this print are very good, but it’s the ex­cep­tional de­tail that’s most no­tice­able

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