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Here are the fea­tures to con­sider when buy­ing a ded­i­cated flash­gun

Power out­put

The max­i­mum out­put power, ex­pressed as a Gn (Guide num­ber), in­creases at longer zoom set­tings, when the light is fo­cused at a nar­rower an­gle.

Dif­fusers & Re­flec­tors

Apart from the Nikon SB-500, all the flashguns in this group have zoom heads with built-in wide-an­gle dif­fusers and pull-out re­flec­tor cards.

Zoom range

A zoom range of 24-105mm is pretty standard, but some flashguns ex­tend the range to as much as 24-200mm, of­fer­ing greater tele­photo reach.

Bounce and swivel

Most flashguns of­fer a bounce range of 0-90 de­grees, but some add a slight down­ward an­gle for close-up shoot­ing. Swivel is usu­ally 180 de­grees to both the left and right.

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