Us­ing Man­ual ex­po­sure

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If you find you usu­ally stick to the auto ex­po­sure modes, a project like this of­fers a gen­tle in­tro­duc­tion to Man­ual ex­po­sure mode. In or­der to get the long shut­ter speeds we need, we have to ad­just our other ex­po­sure set­tings to com­pen­sate. Firstly we can use a high f-num­ber like f/16. This de­creases the size of the open­ing in the lens and re­stricts the flow of light. Se­condly, we can use a low sen­si­tiv­ity, such as ISO100, so the sen­sor re­quires more light for a cor­rect ex­po­sure. Both of these fac­tors help to re­strict the amount of light, which means we can use a longer shut­ter speed.

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