The fi­nal word Joe McNally

This is­sue, the master con­jurer dis­cusses work­ing his Speed­light magic at The Pho­tog­ra­phy Show...

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So, how do you go from the shot on the far right (1/25 sec at f/5.6, ISO400) to the one above (1/4000 sec at

f/1.4, ISO400)? The model didn’t move. The lights did, though. The first pic was straight-up con­ven­tion-hall light. Dank, ugly, with­out re­deem­ing at­trac­tive­ness, but handy enough when it comes to read­ing show sig­nage. The aim here is to make your model, the lovely Am­ber Tut­ton, the star of the show.

I did this with two lit­tle soft­boxes, com­ing in April, from Las­to­lite. Called the Speed Lite Box 2, they have new dif­fuser fronts with sub­stan­tial edge baf­fles, and another dif­fuser front panel with an egg crate stitched in. The main light above her, hand­held, is just a dif­fuser, while the beauty fill, also hand­held, has the grid cover. The grid helps iso­late the feel of the light, and di­rect it to­wards her face with­out spray­ing around too much. These lit­tle boxes are the new­est ad­di­tions to the Joe McNally range, brought out by Las­to­lite. They’re avail­able any day now, and I’m ex­cited about the qual­ity of light from these small, col­lapsi­ble, ‘stuff it in your bag’ kind of light sources.

I gen­er­ally work fast dur­ing live demos, and talk even faster. I just keep mov­ing and try­ing things. Some look good, oth­ers, not so much. But work­ing with Am­ber saved my butt as her look con­verted even my poor­est ef­forts into an at­trac­tive photo. But there were a cou­ple of frames where we did well to­gether, and one of them is shown above.

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