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Last month I was at the sea­side when I had an ac­ci­dent. My Nikon D7100 fell over the rocks and into a pool by the sea. Af­ter putting in a claim with my home in­sur­ance I had it re­paired by a third­party com­pany, but I re­ceived an er­ror mes­sage when try­ing to shoot with it. An­noyed that I’d paid £100, I sent it back for them to look at again, and they told me they found no fault. But there’s clearly a fault, even when try­ing a new mem­ory card. Should I let them at­tempt to sort it or send it to Nikon, even though I would be charged for this? I’ve al­ready paid my ex­cess and I’m not happy. What’s worse is I still can’t shoot any­thing with­out my Nikon. Argh! Dun­canMeechan,vi­aFace­book We’re so sorry to hear you’ve been hav­ing prob­lems with your re­pair. Con­tact your in­sur­ance com­pany di­rectly and ex­plain the prob­lem, per­haps sug­gest­ing the cam­era is sent to Nikon, and not an ex­ter­nal com­pany? If you feel you’re be­ing un­fairly treated, con­tact Ci­ti­zen’s Ad­vice (www.cit­i­zen­sad­vice.org.uk) or the Fi­nan­cial Om­buds­man Ser­vice (www.fi­nan­cial-om­buds­man.org.uk).

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