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Read­ing N-Photo 69, I would like to of­fer some ad­vice to Roy McIn­tyre, re­gard­ing his ques­tion on page 67 ti­tled ‘Video Re­play’. Like Roy’s, my old lap­top packed up a while ago and I bought a new Acer lap­top, which I am very pleased with. How­ever, it did not have a DVD/CD drive and in the shop they just told me to down­load ev­ery­thing. This was fine but I had a rather ex­pen­sive map­ping sys­tem on sev­eral discs that I did not in­tend hav­ing to re­pur­chase on­line.

My hus­band bought me a small ‘Lite-On Por­ta­ble CD/DVD Writer’, which cost around £25. It at­taches to the lap­top via aUSB ca­ble. I can now use the N-Photo discs, and it’s also great for trans­fer­ring any CD-ROMs and DVD-ROMs you may have onto your lap­top. JoanLewis,vi­ae­mail A won­der­fully sim­ple so­lu­tion to the prob­lem, Joan. Kudos to your hus­band. Also, for those not want­ing to get an ex­ter­nal CD /DVD drive, you can watch all of our videos on­line us­ing the links pro­vided at the bot­tom of the Nikon Skills tu­to­ri­als.

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