Plane of fo­cus

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In a nor­mal lens, your point of fo­cus oc­curs in a plane par­al­lel to the sen­sor, so if you fo­cus on a point five me­tres away, for ex­am­ple, then ev­ery­thing in that five me­tre plane will be sharp. With tilt-shift, we can skew the plane of fo­cus one way or an­other. It lets us ei­ther cre­ate a re­ally nar­row band of sharp­ness – of­ten used for toy-town minia­ture ef­fects. Or al­ter­na­tively, we can an­gle the plane of fo­cus across the face of the sub­ject to pro­duce greater sharp­ness, even at the widest aper­tures. This can be par­tic­u­larly use­ful when shoot­ing video, as it means depth of field can be ex­tended with­out hav­ing to ramp up the ISO.

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